15 Free Things You Can Take From a Hotel

Small shampoo bottles, creams, and soaps – they’re like little mementos of your fun trips. You’ll be surprised at what you can bring home from your hotel room. Just remember, don’t go overboard.

At EasyLife, we love finding things that can make life better. This time, we’ve discovered the useful stuff that hotels are happy for you to take. They’re all really handy!

1. Toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes

Even if you’ve packed your own dental essentials, it’s a good idea to grab that extra toothpaste or mouthwash from your hotel. Their toothbrushes are often travel-sized, which is convenient to have on hand. You can use them on your next journey or simply keep them in your bag for those moments when you need a quick breath refresher.

2. Soap, shampoo, conditioner

Items like mini-bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and tiny bars of hand soaps are classics. There is nothing wrong in taking them with you! Their small size is perfect for travelers and they can be carried without any restrictions in your hand luggage during your flight home. Deodorants can also be added to this kit and yes, they can be taken for free too.

3. Lotions and creams

Your hotel might also offer you these little treasures: small bottles of body lotions or hand creams. Don’t hesitate to bring them along. They’re perfect for your handbag and come in handy when your skin needs some extra care.

4. Shoeshine kit

Another useful item often found in hotel rooms is the shoeshine kit. If you don’t have one, simply ask for it at the hotel’s front desk. Many hotels offer their guests shoeshine sponges, napkins, or even complete kits that you can take home.

5. Mugs

While it’s usually not allowed to take tableware from your hotel room, you can always inquire at the front desk about keeping their mug. More often than not, they’re quite accommodating. Once you have their approval, you can rest easy knowing you’re not taking anything without permission.

6. Shoehorn

In certain hotels, a shoehorn is part of the package. You can freely take a portable, budget-friendly shoehorn as a guest. Some hotels even offer free replacements if you happen to break the previous one. If you don’t spot one in your room, don’t hesitate to ask the receptionist if they can supply you with one.

7. Sewing kit

For many travelers, the sewing kits offered by hotels are real lifesavers. Their compact size makes them a perfect addition to your luggage. If you’re unsure whether you can take one, feel free to ask the hotel staff – they typically don’t mind.

8. Combs and hairbrushes

Some hotels will put disposable hairbrushes and combs in the rooms for their guests. After you leave, used ones are getting thrown away. So you can opt to keep these complimentary items for yourself and your future trips!

9. Bathrobes

In budget-friendly hotels, taking bathrobes home is a no-go, as they’ll likely charge you for it. However, in pricier establishments, bathrobes may be part of your room package. Some luxury hotels may even personalize them with your initials or their logo, indicating they’re yours to keep. Always check the hotel’s policy to ensure you’re on the right side of the robe!

10. Pens, pencils, and envelopes

Hotels are usually fine with you taking their stationery or envelopes, which often bear their logo and can act as effective advertising. For you, they’re free and practical, creating a win-win situation for all.

11. Coffee, tea, and sugar

Coffee and tea bags are common finds in almost every hotel room, and guests can grab them at no extra cost. These little treasures can be a pleasant reminder of your stay as you savor them at home.

12. Bottled water

Before you help yourself to bottled water, double-check with the hotel staff to confirm that it’s not part of the minibar. If it’s not, you’re good to go, and you can enjoy it without any additional charges.

13. Razors and shaving creams

Having an electric razor doesn’t mean you can’t make use of the complimentary disposable one the hotel provides. It’s a handy backup if you forget to charge your electric razor. Plus, they often include shaving cream, so it’s a double win!

14. Umbrellas

While umbrellas from hotel front desks aren’t typically free to take, you can always have a friendly chat with the receptionist and ask if you can have one. In some cases, they might not mind, considering that these umbrellas often bear the hotel’s logo and can act as promotional tools. It’s worth a polite inquiry!

15. Slippers

Most hotel slippers are disposable, and if left in your room, they end up in the trash after your departure. Feel free to bring these home, especially the cheaper disposable ones. However, it’s essential to note that in upscale hotels, they may provide higher-quality slippers that are cleaned and sanitized for reuse – in those cases, they should be left behind. Always check the type of slippers before deciding to pack them.

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