Discover 11 invaluable tips for novice drivers that go beyond the basics taught in driving school.

Driving is a skill that can always be improved, and even experienced drivers can benefit from these subtle but effective tips for a smoother and safer journey:

Mirror Adjustment:

Eliminate blind spots by adjusting your side-view mirrors so that your car isn’t visible in them. To check for blind spots, drive past a parked car in reverse, and it should only disappear from your side-view mirror with your peripheral vision.

Feel Your Wheels:

Develop a sense of where your wheels are located to avoid potholes and parking mishaps. Practice by driving over an empty plastic bottle with your front wheels, one at a time.

Dry Your Brakes:

After driving through puddles, avoid sudden maneuvers. Water can affect your ignition system and lead to engine stalls. Dry your brakes by gently pressing the gas and brake pedals a few times to generate friction and evaporate water from the brake pads.

Watch Taller Vehicles:

Pay attention to the actions of taller vehicles on the road. Truck and bus drivers often have a clearer view of road situations. If they suddenly change lanes, it could indicate an accident or roadblock ahead.

Start with High Beams:

In cold weather, if your car doesn’t start on the first try, heat the battery by turning on the high beams, radio, or indicators for a moment before attempting to start the engine.

Adjust Rear-View Mirror at Night:

Reduce glare from headlights behind you by switching your rear-view mirror to its nighttime mode, usually done by pulling down a lever beneath it.

Use the Air Conditioner:

Even in winter, periodically turn on the air conditioner to prevent coolant leakage and keep the system in good condition.

Regularly Apply the Hand Brake:

Except in extremely cold weather, use the hand brake regularly to prevent it from seizing. This is especially important if you don’t engage in angle parking.

Follow Slowing Cars:

If a vehicle in the neighboring lane starts slowing down, follow suit. They may be yielding to a pedestrian or animal.

Beware of the Illusion of Low Speed:

On straight roads, speeds may appear lower than they actually are. Slow down before making a turn to avoid potential skidding.

Avoid Premature Wheel Turning:

Don’t turn your wheels in advance when making a left turn. Keep them in the initial position to prevent being pushed into oncoming traffic if you’re hit from behind.

These subtle driving tips can enhance your safety, awareness, and overall driving experience, regardless of your level of experience on the road.

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